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This AGREEMENT, dated                      , is made BETWEEN                                          , referred to as “you” or “Client”, and the Romond Law Group, referred to as the “Law Firm”.


you agree that the Law Firm will represent you in the following matter:


    1. Flat Fee. You have hired us on a flat fee basis.  You will pay us $____________ as the Flat Fee portion for the representation described in this agreement (the “Flat Fee”).  The Flat Fee is non-refundable, earned-on-receipt, and will not be deposited into our client trust account.  Unless otherwise agreed, the Flat Fee must be paid upon execution of this Agreement prior to any work being commenced.  The Flat Fee represents the Law Firm’s reservation of time, commitment, and work for the agreed service including the initial work of opening Client’s case and is based on a more comprehensive measure of the reasonable value of Law Firm’s services.  Factors other than the amount of time required, such as the novelty and complexity of the questions involved, the skill required to provide proper legal representation, familiarity with the specific area of law involved, the preclusion of other engagements caused by the acceptance of this engagement, the magnitude of the Matter, the results achieved, customary fees for similar legal services, the nature and length of our relationship or by circumstances all have a significant bearing on the reasonable value of the services performed.
    2. Hourly Fees. You have also hired us on an hourly basis for the Law Firm’s performance of Additional Services.  Additional Services shall include (1) any services performed on your behalf by the Law Firm that are not included within the scope described in Section 1 above and (2) any legal services performed within the scope described in Section 1 above in excess of the first          hours of legal services performed.  Law Firm will begin providing additional services only after fully consulting with you and obtaining your informed consent that we may proceed with the additional services.  Other lawyers and non-lawyer professionals may also work on your case and will bill in accordance with the following hourly rates:  Russell Romond’s current rate is $425 per hour for his services.  The current rates for other lawyers who may become involved range from $275-$450 per hour and the current rates for our paralegals who may become involved range from $150-$250 per hour.
    3. Retainer for Additional Services. It is impossible to determine in advance how much time will be needed to handle your case.  Any figures quoted to you for the total cost of our services are merely estimates.  The opposing party, or others, may engage in activities beyond our control that require an expenditure of time not originally contemplated.  In the event that we provide you with Additional Services as defined in Paragraph B of this section, we will reserve additional time on your matter and you will be invoiced accordingly.  At that time, a retainer replenishment payment will be due and payable on the same terms stated in Paragraph A of this section.
  2. COSTS AND EXPENSES. You agree to pay for all actual out-of-pocket costs and expenses we incur on your behalf.  Typical costs and expenses include filing fees, service of process, depositions, expert witness fees, travel costs and expenses, long-distance telephone calls, outgoing fax ($0.30 per page), Federal Express, courier services, and delivery charges, photocopying ($.30 per page), wire transfer fees, credit card processing fees, check processing fees, and online database retrieval charges (Lexis, Westlaw, etc.).  We may elect to cover certain out-of-pocket costs and expenses on your behalf, but we reserve the right to seek reimbursement from you.  You agree to reimburse us for such out-of-pocket costs and expenses.  We will not incur costs and expenses in excess of $500 on your behalf without first obtaining your consent.
  3. LAW FIRM RESPONSIBILITY. Law Firm shall take reasonable steps to keep you informed of progress and to respond to your inquiries.  Russell Romond will be the lawyer ultimately responsible in connection with the representation; however, we may call upon other lawyers and personnel in our office for a variety of reasons to the extent necessary to assist.  The lawyer and personnel’s, respective rates are stated above.
  4. CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY. You must cooperate with the Law Firm and provide it with all information relevant to the issues involved in this matter.  You must also pay all bills as required by this Agreement.  You must also immediately notify the Law Firm of any change in address, email and/or telephone number.  If you do not comply with these requirements, the Law Firm may ask the Court for permission to withdraw from representing you.  You agree that the Law Firm has the right to terminate the attorney-client relationship for non-payment of fees, costs, expenses, or bills.  You also agree that the Law Firm may withdraw as your attorney if (a) you insist that the Law Firm or its representatives do something illegal; (b) you refuse to follow the advice recommended; (c) you fail to cooperate in the preparation of the matter; and (d) you tell a lie under oath or tell a representative of the Law Firm that you will do so.  You must provide the Law Firm with any and all relevant documents – failure to do so will result may result in additional legal fees or withdrawal from the case.  Failure to pay any additional fees will result in our immediate withdrawn as counsel.  The Law firm will also withdraw at your written request.
    1. RIGHT TO TERMINATION. Either party may terminate the representation at any time by written notice to the other party, subject to our obligations under the Rules of Professional Conduct and the approval of the court if the matter is in litigation.  Unless previously terminated, our representation will terminate upon completion of the legal services described in this agreement.  You understand we have no continuing obligation to represent you unless you retain us to provide additional advice or services.
    2. INVOICES UPON TERMINATION. Unless otherwise agreed, if this Agreement is terminated at any time prior to the resolution, settlement or conclusion of the matters referenced in Paragraph 1 above, Law Firm shall issue you a final invoice detailing the time spent and unpaid costs advanced through the date of termination, and you agree to compensate Law Firm for that time spent and unpaid costs advanced through the date of termination.  For the purpose of calculating this final invoice, Law Firm will bill for costs and expenses in accordance with Paragraph 3 and will bill for lawyer services at a rate of $425 per hour and $150-$250 per hour for paralegals and assistants.
    3. CREDIT CARD DISPUTES AND CHARGEBACKS ARE NOTICE OF TERMINATION. Client and Law Firm each agree that the filing of any credit card dispute or chargeback request by the Client to retrieve any fees paid to the Law Firm shall be deemed to be written notice of termination to the Law Firm.  Law Firm and Client each agree that this notice of termination shall be deemed to be effective immediately upon the date such dispute or chargeback claim is filed, even if the Law Firm is not notified of such dispute or chargeback until a later date.  Client acknowledges and agrees that any termination of representation pursuant to this paragraph shall survive a resolution of the dispute or chargeback in the Law Firm’s favor.  Under circumstances where permission of a court is necessary prior to withdrawal by the Law Firm, the Client acknowledges and agrees that the filing of any credit card dispute or chargeback filed by the Client against the Law Firm shall be deemed to be the Client’s informed written consent to the Law Firm’s withdrawal of representation in any such matter in which the Law Firm is representing the Client.
  6. ARBITRATION OF FEE DISPUTES: If a dispute arises between you and us regarding our fees, the parties agree to resolve the dispute through the State Bar’s Fee Arbitration Program. The rules of arbitration adopted by the State Bar of New Jersey shall govern the arbitration proceedings, which shall be final and binding on Client and the Law Firm.  Either party may initiate fee arbitration by contacting the State Bar’s Fee Arbitration Coordinator.
  7. This contract embodies the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the matters contained in this Agreement, and it is agreed that the terms and conditions and stipulations in this agreement shall not be modified or revoked, unless by written agreement, signed by both parties and attached to this Agreement and made a part of it.  Further, you acknowledge that you have read this agreement in its entirety.  We are not acting as your counsel with respect to this agreement.  If you wish to be advised on whether you should enter into this agreement, we recommend you consult with independent counsel of your choice.

It is acknowledged that the fees and costs shown above are acceptable for the services agreed upon and the undersigned authorizes THE ROMOND LAW GROUP to perform said services.  I have been given a copy of this agreement and I agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.




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