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Getting Divorce Right The First Time

You never expected to get divorced. But now that your marriage is ending, you need to get it right. Otherwise, you could be left with far less of the family wealth than you deserve – and your kids could be stuck in an impractical or damaging custody arrangement.

Fortunately, we are here to help. We are the Romond Law Group, an experienced legal team with a personal touch. Our attorneys will work with you through every step of your divorce or child custody dispute until they reach a satisfactory conclusion. We work hard to reach out to the other side to find a collaborative solution, but this is not always possible, and we are always willing to take your case to trial. However your case gets resolved, our strategy will be based on the goals and concerns you have expressed to us.

Divorce And Property Division In Bergen County

Divorce in New Jersey is a complicated process. The state uses the equitable divorce rule, which means that instead of being required to split your marital assets 50-50 with your ex, the two of you have some leeway for deciding how to split it up. We will make sure that you know exactly what assets are marital assets, such as retirement savings, bank accounts and real estate, and how much each asset is worth. Issues such as spousal support and ownership stakes in small businesses will be handled firmly and reasonably.

Tailored Child Custody Guidance

No parent wants their children to suffer just because their parents are not living together. One of our lawyers will help you craft a custody plan that best suits your children, based on factors like their age, emotional and health needs as well as how far apart you and your co-parent live. There is a solution to even the most challenging custody dispute, and we will help you find it.

Making Your Divorce Easier

Divorce is a journey. Whatever happens, you will get to the end of your marriage. But your choice of attorney can mean the difference between a fairly smooth journey and a long, exhausting, expensive one. To learn more about our divorce practice, contact the Romond Law Group by calling 201-971-3768 to make an appointment for a legal consultation.