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Landlord-tenant disputes can be difficult to manage

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Landlord-Tenant Law

For renters, having a dispute with your landlord is scary. You may worry that the dispute risks your home. However, for landlords, you may worry that a tenant dispute could result in the nonpayment of rent and destruction of property. The attorneys at The Romond Law Group understand these fears in landlord-tenant disputes, and we ensure that our clients in Mahwah, North Jersey, and the surrounding counties, like Hudson, Essex and Union counties.

Experience where it counts

We understand real estate and landlord-tenant law and have decades of experience practicing both. Indeed, our clients run the gamut. We represent all parties to real estate transactions, including sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants. From first-hand experience, we know the importance of listening to you and basing our legal and practical strategies on your specific needs.

To litigate or not to litigate

When New Jersey litigation can be avoided, we avoid it. In many landlord-tenant disputes, sometimes, a third-party is just needed to get cooler heads to prevail or get an unreasonable party to become reasonable. After all, our homes are our most expensive and needed assets, so emotions can rise quickly, especially when there are disability issues. Nonetheless, where litigation is needed, we do not shy away from it. In fact, the attorneys at The Romond Law Group have a reputation as forceful trial advocates.

Landlord-tenant disputes

Our Mahwah attorneys are trusted locally by both tenants and landlords to solve landlord-tenant disputes. We enforce many rights, like those under New Jersey’s Anti-Eviction Act, rent payment requirements, unit damage mitigation and renumeration and, of course, evictions. Regardless of the case type or side we find ourselves on, our attorneys base our cases on the facts and law.

Changing nature of landlord-tenant law

The attorneys at The Romond Law Group keep abreast of the constant changes to landlord-tenant law. This includes the recent eviction moratoriums at both the state and federal level. We can help by providing you with a knowledge and zealous Mahwah, New Jersey, advocate on your side in pre-trial matters, at trail and post-trial proceedings.